Treat yourself!


Going away this summer? Why not treat yourself to one of my ele cosmetic bags. They come in a variety of prints,  the small size is perfect for make up and the larger size is great for toothbrushes, and other liquids etc. They’re £10 and £12 on my etsy shop, at
Or head over to my made by hands of Britain page at

Enjoy :)

New bags will be going up on the shop soon!

I’ve been rather busy these past few days making up lots of new things for the ELE shop, this includes the berry print cosmetic bag! I will soon be adding new Elephant print pillows and the possibility of some berry pillows as well!

New under the sea print!

I gave you a sneak peek of this print yesterday and here it is in all its glory, my under the sea print. Of course I had to include a clownfish as Finding Nemo, is just about one of my favourite ever films! I have also done a few different shades of blue for the background so that you can choose either a dark or light option!

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Thanks guys! :D