I’m Back!

Hello! I’m back, still not 100% but the show must go on! Just a post to highlight to people that if you would like a product in a specific print that isn’t on the Etsy store then just drop me a message. I don’t tend to put the scarves on the store, so for any scarves or larger objects like pillows then contact me directly through here. This is because I have to order the fabric in therefore do larger things as made to order so that no fabric is wasted! :) Also I feel like it’s time for a new print, any suggestions leave a comment :)

Ele will be a bit quiet for the next week or so!

Hi everyone, just a quick update really to say that Ele will be a bit quiet over the next week or so due to myself having quite ill health. I am not stopping the blog or anything like that, I just wont be well enough to keep up to date with posting new prints etc. Hopefully I will be better soon and back to bombarding you all with new designs and what not.


Now selling on EBay and Etsy

Hello my lovely followers, just an update to say that I am now selling ELE products on both ebay and etsy, this is mainly just to appeal to a wider audience really as some people prefer to buy through Ebay. There is no price difference between the two, so it’s really just personal preference.. so if you would like to check out the ebay store head to


or if you prefer Etsy head to…


Enjoy :D