New Christmas Card Design!



Cute Winter inspired polar bear design!


Lovely little polar bear design, perfect for Christmas cards! Created digitally with a texture applied on top.

Festival of the future city poster design


My design for recent competition, in which the brief was to create a poster showcasing ‘future cities’. I based my design on heart disease and its link to living in the city. The city on the left is a crowded, congested city, and the one on the right is ‘green’ and was influenced by people’s perceptions and predictions of what our cities will be like in the future. This included canals over London to swim or boat to work, and skyscrapers with gardens on top of them. I used the contrasting colours to show the difference between the two cities. I was very lucky that my design, along with 5 others from UWE were chosen to be made into large posters to promote the event around Bristol. So check it out if you happen to be in Bristol!!

New autumn illustration


Re-visiting a recent illustration style I tried, with this Autumn inspired illustration. What I have learned recently is that sometimes it’s good to stick to a specific colour scheme as the effects can be much cleaner and nicer than overloading your work with colour! I stuck to warm earthy colours for this illustration, to reflect the Autumn season.

New illustration, secret garden.


I decided to step back from my city series briefly to try out the new illustration style on a different subject matter. This is because I find if I work on one project too long I become bored of it quickly and don’t produce my best work, therefore I will still be carrying on with the city series, just in a few days!
This illustration is entitled ‘The Secret Garden’ and the main aim for this was to see how I could balance block colours and detail, whilst also using simple shapes to create a landscape. I also experimented with animals in this one as seen with the dragonfly and hummingbird in the foreground. I am really pleased with how this turned out, and am already brainstorming my next design!

5th city in my series…Bath!


The 5th city in my new illustration series is Bath. This gorgeous historic town is somewhere I frequently visit, and is only a short drive from my home in Clifton. I love visiting Bath, its mix of old Bath stone buildings and lovely scenery such as Victoria Park make it such a relaxing place to spend the day shopping or sight seeing. The illustration features the Roman Baths in the foreground, followed by the cathedral, spa and finally the royal crescent in the background. It you haven’t visited Bath yet I would highly recommend it for a day out!
Now to think of where my next place should be!

Next city in the series.. Plymouth!

PLYMOUTHA4with tesxture

The next city within my illustration series is Plymouth, a place I spent two years of my life studying at university in. It’s a great place with a perfect balance of city life and gorgeous harbourside. Definitely a place I want to visit again! The illustration features Plymouths infamous lighthouse, along with the lido, shopping centre and interesting architecture of the university building!