Next city in the series.. Plymouth!

PLYMOUTHA4with tesxture

The next city within my illustration series is Plymouth, a place I spent two years of my life studying at university in. It’s a great place with a perfect balance of city life and gorgeous harbourside. Definitely a place I want to visit again! The illustration features Plymouths infamous lighthouse, along with the lido, shopping centre and interesting architecture of the university building!

Next in the city series…Oxford!!


After experimenting with my illustrative style and creating my Bristol abstract landscape piece, I found I really enjoyed the process and loved the outcome. Therefore, I decided to start a series of all the places I have been and love, so the next city I chose was Oxford. I love Oxford, it’s such a beautiful place and is a big contrast to Bristol so was a challenge for me to depict the old tudor style buildings in comparison to the modern shops of Bristol. I am thinking of choosing a seaside town next, such as Dawlish as it’s another favourite place of mine and again will be a different kind of landscape all together.
What do you think of this new style does it work?!

Digital Illustration..


An abstract digital illustration outside of my surface pattern work, depicting the city of Bristol. Digitally rendered and hand created in Serif draw plus before being finished with a printed texture.

New simple birdy pattern.


I simplified my style quite significantly for this pattern and tried to create a very hand drawn style. I love the simplicity of it however, and think it would make great cushion covers or a duvet set!

New circles pattern!

I know it’s been a while since I posted a pattern, and once again it’s a change of style for me. I have kept it simple and geometric, something I don’t usually do, to again play around and develop my style as an illustrator !!

New floral pattern

For this pattern i’ve been doing more exploring with style, in this instance using thick outlines and simple geometric shapes. Inspired by paisley patterns, it has small details that can only be seen if you study the pattern further.

Superhero Pattern!

Something a bit different this time, originally done as a commission that wasn’t used, this is definitely a style I don’t normally do for ELE. But it’s quite a cute little pattern that would be good for a child’s bedroom duvet covers or curtains, and features a super boy and super girl!