It’s new pattern time!

New pattern for all you book lovers this time! I had a lot of fun making this one, it feels like ages since I’ve done a pattern in the usual ELE way so it was great to get back to my original way of doing things!

If you haven’t seen the new ELE website yet then head over and take a look, feel free to leave any feedback and if you’re feeling generous a like or share would be lovely!

New ELE print based on the scarlet Lychnis, the flower of Bristol.

For my current university work I had to research into the history of Bristol, my hometown, and choose a subject/area of history that interested me. For me it was the scarlet Lychnis, also known as the nonesuch or flower of Bristol. It was brought to Bristol during the late 16th century, and its vibrant colour has since been used for the university colours. Therefore in true ELE style, why not make this beautiful flower into a pattern, so of course that is exactly what i did!

New Bristol print

For those who don’t know I am based in the lovely city of Bristol UK, so thought it was about time I created a print to commemorate good ol brizzle! This pattern features the coloured houses at Hotwells, I chose these in particular as they are, I feel, quite iconic and I always see them on my journey to uni. Also who doesn’t love multicoloured houses!

Owl print!

Hello hello hello! A rather late blog post, I’m up waiting for the other half to get home so thought why not get a new print done. This one is back in the usual ELE style and is a cute owl family design. It was refreshing to go back to my usual style after doing the doodle prints! I will not be ending the doodle prints however, simply alternating between the two styles :)

Tigerprint Competition entries

Once again illustration/design company Tigerprint have released their next competition, this time it involves designing a floral surface pattern that is influenced by Spring/Summer 2016 trends, along with being suitable for the M&S target customer. Now I know these patterns are definitely not like my usual style, but the most important thing within this brief was to make a design that is commercial, a marketplace in which I feel my style does not fit! However, it has been nice to design in a different way and produce something different to my norm, but don’t worry I will still be producing patterns in the usual ELE style!

So here are my 3 entries for the competition, why don’t you give it a go, you can enter here….

Good luck everyone :)