New seashell inspired pattern!

As a designer I am constantly playing around with different techniques and ways of creating surface pattern, and this recent seashell inspired pattern is a prime example of this. I created it digitally like normal however decided to keep it as only line art and experiment with layering. I’m quite pleased with the result and will probably be trying this technique to more patterns!

New in the doodle series….

With all these new patterns i’ve been doing lately I thought it was time to revisit my doodle series as it is a project I want to keep constant. Once again this pattern originated from a doodle of swirls, and took absolutely ages to complete in Photoshop as I was being really picky with layout but I have to say I love this one especially in the lighter colours!

New Ink patterns.

Carrying on with my selection of ink based patterns comes these two leaf/nature inspired designs. I Am really enjoying playing about with colour and layering within these patterns and the different effects this can create. I have to say I’m not to keen on the second set of leaf designs and much prefer the first design, I think it would look great as wallpaper!

More inky patterns..

eyepatternpink eyeprinta4 eyeprintcoral eyeprintgreen eyeprintpale eyeprintpalegreen eyeprintpink

So after posting my tree print yesterday that was initially designed using ink drawings of trees, I decided to give the technique another go with a different design. What I love about this way of working is that once the scans are cleaned up in Photoshop, it’s so easy to re colour them and play about with colour schemes and layouts. This next design is based on the iris of an eye, I went a bit crazy with different colourways for this one so enjoy flicking through!

New style Pattern based on 3 ink drawings!

The other day I decided to take a break from uni work and do some drawing in ink, I absolutely love drawing with black ink, it’s messy but creates such a gorgeous finish. My topic of choice was trees, therefore I embarked on creating three small drawings or bare trees. Feeling rather pleased with the result in true ELE style I of course made these into a new pattern, and I have to say I love the end result. I know it is drastically different to my usual ELE patterns, but there is something incredibly lovely about how busy this design is and just how many colour schemes you can get out of it!

So what does everyone think? Feel free to share opinions!

Brand New pattern!

Well I thought it was about time I did a pattern to commemorate my love of coffee! This is one of my most detailed prints yet, the flat white took ageeeesss!!! So to reward myself for my hard work I will definitely be grabbing myself a coffee tomorrow :P

It’s new pattern time!

New pattern for all you book lovers this time! I had a lot of fun making this one, it feels like ages since I’ve done a pattern in the usual ELE way so it was great to get back to my original way of doing things!

If you haven’t seen the new ELE website yet then head over and take a look, feel free to leave any feedback and if you’re feeling generous a like or share would be lovely!

New ELE print based on the scarlet Lychnis, the flower of Bristol.

For my current university work I had to research into the history of Bristol, my hometown, and choose a subject/area of history that interested me. For me it was the scarlet Lychnis, also known as the nonesuch or flower of Bristol. It was brought to Bristol during the late 16th century, and its vibrant colour has since been used for the university colours. Therefore in true ELE style, why not make this beautiful flower into a pattern, so of course that is exactly what i did!