New circles pattern!

I know it’s been a while since I posted a pattern, and once again it’s a change of style for me. I have kept it simple and geometric, something I don’t usually do, to again play around and develop my style as an illustrator !!

New floral pattern

For this pattern i’ve been doing more exploring with style, in this instance using thick outlines and simple geometric shapes. Inspired by paisley patterns, it has small details that can only be seen if you study the pattern further.

Superhero Pattern!

Something a bit different this time, originally done as a commission that wasn’t used, this is definitely a style I don’t normally do for ELE. But it’s quite a cute little pattern that would be good for a child’s bedroom duvet covers or curtains, and features a super boy and super girl!


I’ve been on a bit of a pattern binge lately so whipped up this new cupcake design. It was really quick to produce and a lot of fun choosing the colours for the icing and sprinkles! I don’t have a working oven at the moment so unfortunately this is the closest I’m going to get to cupcakes!

New Pattern!!

It’s new pattern time, and this time it’s in the form of this cute summery birdy print. My style is slightly evolving here at ELE and I’m constantly changing the way I design and construct my patterns. This one focuses much more on silhouettes rather than detailing but still works pretty well I think!


So today I was sifting through my fabric bag and found I had lots of leftover scraps of ELE pattern fabric that were really no use for anything, so I thought instead of throw them away why not make bunting?! Myself and the other half have recently moved into a new place that to cut a long story short needs a bit of tlc! So what better way to make a place feel like home than some cute bunting, lets just hope it’s not too girly for him!
My sewing machine was being annoying today so I hand stitched the lot, using string instead of ribbon as well, normally I wouldn’t spend this much time hand sewing as I hate it but I must admit it was quite relaxing.
I actually like the hand finished look as well. The overall result is pretty cute and has cleared space in my fabric bag so winning all round!
Yeah sorry about the photo quality, my camera didn’t want to play ball today either. Damm technology!

At last a new pattern!!

Hello everyone! now I know I’ve been away for a good while now, due to life getting in the way unfortunately! But I am back with a pattern that is slightly different to my usual designs as I’ve added words! This cute simple pattern is hand drawn and I think would look super cute as curtains or wallpaper for a studio!

New pattern series for an upcoming project!

At the moment I am currently working on a project for a competition, I’m not giving too much away as my entry isn’t finished and sent off yet! But I thought there was no harm in giving a sneak peak! So in true ELE fashion I have used repeat pattern, these are cute little food based patterns that were quick and easy to create! Stay tuned for more info on the competition in weeks to come!